5 Photography Techniques to Try on Your Next Vacation

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Have you booked your next getaway? Looking to ensure you get some killer photographs to make your friends jealous? What better way to improve your photography education than by combining it with a vacation? Whether you are visiting an iconic city like New York or the barren landscape of the Moroccan desert.

These 5 photography techniques, will ensure you not only get some WOW shots but also help you to get a fresh perspective on some iconic landmarks.

Japanese temple in Hawaii. Here I used framing with the tree to add depth to this shot.

#1 – How to avoid tourists in popular locations

Change your perspective.

One of the biggest challenges a photographer often faces, in popular tourist spots, is how to take a good photograph with so many people around. However, there are several techniques you can master to ensure you score a winning shot.

A sure-fire way of getting around the crowds, while also finding a new perspective on an iconic landmark, is to simply change your perspective.

It’s pretty easy really, you just need to remember to try different camera angles and viewpoints like this. You’ll also get more unique and interesting shots this way too. Here are some ideas

Look up . . .

Don’t miss things that are above you, remember to look up now and then.

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