7 Tips for Improving Your Spring Photography

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It’s spring in the Northern Hemisphere – finally! So it’s time to dust off your camera and get out and do some spring photography. As you get going for the season, here are 7 tips to help you improve your images and take better photos.

The seven tips for better spring photography

  1. Add some “flare” to your images (a sun flare that is)
  2. Get closer and narrow in on one subject.
  3. Watch the background.
  4. Look for the light.
  5. Get down low.
  6. Try something new and different.
  7. Get up early or shoot until late.

Now let’s delve into each one a bit deeper.

#1 – Add some flare to your images

In this case, I mean literally.

Usually, you don’t want to have any flare in your images, but adding a sun flare intentionally can add a nice mood to your image. It can help make it feel light, airy and bright – like spring.

I wrote some tips on how to do this here: How to Create Sun Flares for Effect In-Camera

Sun flare and purple flowers and spring photography

Sun flare and pink flowers and spring photography

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