10 Bloodiest Slave Rebellions From History

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Being a slave is possibly the worst fate anyone could suffer. You have no freedom, and no rights, you’re simply at the mercy of your master, who usually isn’t a paragon of morality. As such, sometimes slaves will push back against the crushing oppression,and rise up in rebellion. Slave rebellions weren’t always successful tactically, but can serve as moral victories, and inspiration for other slaves. This is a list of the 10 bloodiest slave rebellions from history.

1. Peasants’ Revolt 1381

This was a peasant uprising in the 14th century, caused by many factors not discluding, the Black Plague. This as well as many other problems, were weighing heavily on the peasants but the final straw was when a Royal official, John Brampton attempted to collect unpaid taxes in Essex. People of all different occupations rose up and began causing absolute chaos. Burning buildings, destroying court records, and even opening jails to release the criminals inside. The rebellion was demanding a reduction in the heavy taxes, and an end to serfdom, which was essentially slavery. The rebellion lasted from May to November, but was eventually quelled when the majority of the rebel leaders were found and killed.

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