10 Great Conquerors Who Almost Took Over The World

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Some of the greatest conquerors throughout history have created Empires so large that they almost took over the world. Many conquerors got to the point where they were the most powerful force in the world, but died before they could go any further, ran out of resources, or were defeated in battle. In no particular order this is a list of the greatest conquerors who almost took over the world.

1. Sargon Of Akkad

Sargon of Akkad is one of the greatest conquerors mainly because he is the first known emperor to ever live. He created the world’s first empire which was the Akkadian empire. It stretched from the Mediterranean sea to the Persian Golf. Sargon is one of the most mysterious conquerors in history, he over 4000 years ago in 2000 BC. Although his birth date is unknown he reigned from 2270 BC – 2215 BC. The Akkadian Empire ruled Mesoptamia, the Levant, and eastern and southern parts of Anatolia, and Iraq. He was the most powerful man in the world, and the first person to ever attain such power. There was no country at the time that could stand up to his might, and no other empires to compete with.

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