10 Most Amazing Germanic Tribes

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The Germanic tribes were groups of people who lived in Lower, Upper, and Greater Germania. A lot of what we know about the Germanic tribes comes from ancient Roman texts, some even written by Julius Caesar. Germanic tribes helped shape the face of Europe today, and contributed to the downfall of the Western Roman Empire. The Romans were famously defeated at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, where three Roman legions were completely obliterated.

1. Visigoths

The Visigoths grew significantly larger during the end of the Roman Empire, in Late Antiquity. The Visigoths had a complicated relationship with the Roman Empire. They would go back and forth between war and peace, whenever it was convenient for them. The Visigoths are famous for their victories over Rome. In 410 ad the Visigoths sacked Rome under the leadership of Alaric I. The war between the Visigoths and the Roman Empire began around 376 ad. The Visigoths had an agreement with Rome to settle on the bank of Danube and were promised provisions from Rome. Unexpectedly a famine broke out in Rome, and Rome couldn’t make good on their deal for the provisions or the land. The Romans then started abusing the the Goths, which led to a rebellion and then a six year war, the destruction of a Roman army, and the death of a Roman Emperor.

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