Four Things You Need to Stop Putting Off

What are the things you should do before it is too late? originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Nicolas Cole, Author & Entrepreneur, on Quora:

Here are four things you should do before it’s too late.

Create That Project

Whatever project you want to create, create it now. Because the part of you that wants to create it right now will not last forever. The book you write at 25 will be very different than the book you write at 30, and 35, and 40, and so on. As we change, our perspectives and feelings change as well. Create what you want to create right now, and capture this moment in time.

Love That Person

Do you connect with someone? Do you like someone? Even if you know, you won’t marry this person, or spend the rest of your life with this person, let yourself love them. Ride that wave together. You never know where that wave will take you—who knows, maybe you will end up together after all. But trust how you feel right now because that feeling won’t last forever, and the opportunity will be gone as fast as it presented itself.

Take That Leap

Is right now a unique time in your life? Do you have the chance to do something special—if you take the leap? What happens if you don’t take the leap? When will you ever get this chance again? Opportunities present themselves at the right times. They are never perfect—an opportunity is called an opportunity because it asks you to take a risk yourself.

Work That Skill

Guess what? If you don’t work whatever it is you want to get better at today, then you won’t be any better at it tomorrow. And if you continue to make the decision not to get better today, then tomorrow will never come. And before you know it, that skill either will no longer interest you, or you will not be able to (physically, mentally, etc.) learn that skill’s foundation. Learn it now.


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