The 8 Best Instant Cameras of 2018

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It’s not hard to understand why instant cameras have made a huge comeback recently. Capturing a photo and having it immediately delivered in your hands has a certain magical appeal that can’t be matched by digital photography. Although the film can be pretty expensive, it’s still worth it in the end if you’re a fan of the concept. Want a GoPro gimbal or maybe a green screen background? I wrote articles about those as well.

The market for these devices is quite crowded, Fujifilm especially seems to dominate it with lots of models with cool and interesting features and looks. Shopping for the best products is generally the smartest choice you can make so as to spend your money wisely only on those items that are truly worth your cash. We’ve selected the best instant cameras that are currently the most revered for their quality, performance, and for their amazing designs and capabilities. If you’re part of the artistic crowd and can’t decide which one should become your new instant camera, have a look at this list where you’re very likely to find something to suit your tastes and needs.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Fujifilm is the most popular brand on the market for instant cameras and it’s easy to see why. Their unparalleled quality and reliability have made many customers satisfied. The Instax line by Fujifilm has received a new update through the Mini 9 which has some promising features sure to appeal to enthusiasts of these fun devices.

The design of the Mini 9 is similar to its predecessor with a shape resembling a square but thanks to a rounded grip, it fits nicely in your hand. You’ve got a wide choice in the color department like blue (two shades), flamingo pink, lime green, and white. A nice improvement over the old generation is the selfie mirror which makes it much easier to take photos of yourself.

Coming in packages of 10 sheets, the film is contained within each pack in a very compact plastic cartridge. The print area is quite small at 6.2 by 4.6 centimeters but it’s perfect for retaining little keepsakes that fit in a wallet. They can be scanned to make larger prints but the compact size is ideal for such a device.

The image quality is good for an instant camera, it gives off a special feeling through the slight blur near the edges of the objects and people photographed. There’s a fuzzy haze that makes it a bit difficult to distinguish specific details but this is all part of the appeal of an instant camera. The captured moments in the pictures induce a state of nostalgia somehow that some people really appreciate.

Another factor you will like about the Mini 9 is the ease of use. The whole process is rather straightforward though you need to be aware of certain things. You’ll have to install the film carefully so as not to pinch it when inserting it through the film door and then press the shutter button once.

Other than the higher cost of prints than a digital format, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a very sleek instant camera, with cool features, solid quality of photos and simple to use. Highly recommended.

Specifications list:

  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Selfie Mirror
  • Lens adapter ideal for close-ups, 13.77 inches to 19.68 inches
  • Automatic exposure measurement.
  • Signals the optimal aperture setting with a flashing LED
  • Battery Type and weight: Manganese, 24 grams
  • Camera with Strap, Close up lens, manual and 2 AA batteries
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